Hot madras - The Marmalade Tree - 470g

The Marmalade Tree hot madras hand prepared curry sauce.

Slowly cooked by hand for maximum taste & flavour made to our own unique recipe.

Hot madras - The Marmalade Tree - 470g

  • Ingredients - Diced tomato, onion, tomato puree, vegetable oil, water, coriander powder, cumin powder, salt, sugar, maize starch, garlic, turmeric, ginger, fenugreek seeds, chillies, cumin seeds, cardamom, fennel powder, garam masala, cayenne pepper, black onion seeds.

    Nutrition information - per 100g

    Energy - 72kcal

    Fat - 2.2g

    Carbohydrate - 9.2g

    Protein - 1.9g